भारत सरकार, केन्द्रीय जल आयोग Government of India, Central Water Commission
कृष्णा एवं गोदावरी बेसिन संगठन, हैदराबाद Krishna & Godavari Basin Organisation,Hyderabad


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The Krishna and Godavari Basin Organisation (KGBO) of the CWC with its headquarters at Hyderabad is headed by a Chief Engineer.It has its jurisdiction extending in seven states viz Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa, Chattisgarh and Goa.

The Organisation comprises of

Two field circles each headed by Superintending Engineer
§ Krishna & Co-ordination Circle
§ Godavari Circle

Four Divisions
§ Upper Krishna Division and Lower Krishna Division under Krishna & Co-ordination Circle
§ Upper Godavari Division and Lower Godavari Division under Godavari Circle

Eighteen Sub-Divisions

Sub-Divisions under Krishna & Co-ordination Circle

¤ Upper Krishna Sub Division-I (Kolhapur)
¤ Upper Krishna Sub Division-II (Miraj)
¤ Upper Krishna Sub Division-III (Mangaon)
¤ Bhima Sub Division (Sholapur)
¤ Middle Krishna Sub Division-I (Bagalkot)
¤ Middle Krishna Sub Division-II (Kurnool)
¤ South Western Rivers Sub Division-IV (Goa)
¤ Mechanical Sub Division (Hyderabad)
¤ Lower Krishna Sub Division-I (Nagarjuna Sagar)
¤ Lower Krishna Sub Division-II (Vijaywada)
¤ Lower Tungabhadra Sub Division (Kurnool)

Sub-Divisions under Godavari Circle

¤ Upper Godavari Sub Division (Aurangabad)
¤ Purna Sub Division (Nanded)
¤ Manjira Sub Division (Nizamabad)
¤ Mechanical Sub Division (Hyderabad)
¤ Lower Godavari Sub Division-I (Bhadrachalam)
¤ Lower Godavari Sub Division-II (Rajamundry)
¤ Indravathi Sub Division (Jagdalpur)

Monitoring and Appraisal Directorate headed by a Director

Further, Chief Engineer, KGBO is also the Chairman of Tungabhadra Board


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