भारत सरकार, केन्द्रीय जल आयोग Government of India, Central Water Commission
कृष्णा एवं गोदावरी बेसिन संगठन, हैदराबाद Krishna & Godavari Basin Organisation,Hyderabad


Office of Chief Engineer

  1. Planning, establishment and carrying out hydrological observations through a network of Gauge and Discharge stations on Krishna, Godavari and adjacent West and East flowing rivers spread over 6 states viz. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Orissa and Goa.
  2. Formulation and dissemination of Flood Inflow Forecasts and Level Forecasts, and warnings in Krishna, Godavari and Pennar River Basins to the local authorities.
  3. Publication of Hydrological data.
  4. Monitring of Major and Medium Irrigation projects, Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme Schemes and Command Area Development & Water Management programme.
  5. Appraisal of Medium Irrigation Projects of Andhra Pradesh.
  6. Chief Engineer, KGBO is also the Chairman of Tungabhadra Board consituted by the President of India on 1st October, 1953 under Sub-Section (4), Section 66 of Andhra State Act vide notification dated 29 September, 1953 of the then Ministry of Irrigation and Power. The functions of the Board, inter-alia, include the regulation of supplies of water to the States of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in accordance with the clause IX E(1) to (5) of the Final Order of the Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal relating to the Tungabhadra Project.

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