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कृष्णा एवं गोदावरी बेसिन संगठन, हैदराबाद Krishna & Godavari Basin Organisation,Hyderabad



To have a faster, smarter and easier way to reach the audience, Krishna & Godavari Basin Organisation (KGBO) , one of the thirteeen field organisations of Central Water Commission, headed by Chief Engineer with its headquarters at Hyderabad has pioneered in launching the first field office website of CWC. In this era of Information Technology, internet is a very powerful tool for transfer of information through web. Developed to meet the needs of the target audience, the website creates a pleasant experience to its users owing to its rich, engaging, useful and easy to use mode.

Website Development
A brief background of development of the website including the officials of KGBO behind this accomplishment of conceiving, developing and launching of the website is as follows.

Shri V.N.Wakpanjar, Chief Engineer KGBO

KGBO website is Shri V.N.Wakpanjar's brainchild. Sh.V.N.Wakpanjar, Chief Engineer, KGBO is the driving force of this website. Being at the helm of affairs at KGBO and with the amount and kind of experience, he has, he guided the team in all the endeavours of content management, web design, co-ordination and correspondence. Thus, he has been the main source of motivation in having this site.

Shri A. Paramesham, Superintending Engineer,Krishna & Co-ordination Circle

Shri A. Paramesham's thinking outside the box virtue is one of the main factors which led to this website becoming a reality.His diligence and inventive problem-solving ability have made him act as a bridge between the team members to collect, contain and represent the information online. His outstanding intra and inter co-ordination skills were of great significance for co-ordination with the National Informatics Centre, Hyderabad, which has hosted the KGBO website.

Smt. K.Rekha Rani, Assistant Director, Monitoring & Appraisal Directorate

Smt. K.Rekha Rani is responsible for the web design, software management and front-end web development of the KGBO website. Her commitment, creativity and strong sense for consistency have made this website come up in a limited time frame. She contributed her own ideas to make the website more informative and as user friendly as possible.

Smt. N Jyothi Prabha, Sub-Divisional Engineer, Krishna & Co-ordination Circle

Smt. N Jyothi Prabha with an eye for detail has collected and processed the information for the KGBO website. The content management of the KGBO website was done by her with vigour and enthusiasm. With a high sense of motivation, she tackled the minutest detailing and involved herself with determination to see that the website gets functional.





Website Launching

The Krishna & Godavari Basin Organisation website was officially launched by Shri. A.K.Bajaj, Chairman Central Water Commission on 25th February 2011 in the premises of Krishna-Godavari Bhawan of Krishna & Godavari Basin Organisation. The fine tuning of both the content and aesthetics of the KGBO website was done by Chairman, CWC. It was Chairman, CWC, Sh.A.K.Bajaj's passionate involvement with the coming up of the KGBO website which made the KGBO team of website development to work with a rejuvenated vigour.

Chairman, CWC, launched the website in the presence of Shri S.K. Joshi, Principal Secretay (Projects), I & CAD Dept, GoAP, Shri B.V. Sarma, State Informatics Officer, NIC Hyderabad and Shri V.N.Wakpanjar, Chief Engineer, Krishna Godavari Basin Organisation, CWC, Hyderabad.

(Left to Right) Shri B.V. Sarma, State Informatics Officer, NIC, Shri V.N.Wakpanjar, Chief Engineer, KGBO, Shri A.K.Bajaj, Chairman, Central Water Commission, Shri S.K. Joshi, Principal Secretay (Projects), I & CAD Dept, GoAP.

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