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Monitoring and Appraisal Directorate

Monitoring under AIBP
Monitoring of Government of India scheme named 'Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme (AIBP)' was launched in 1996-97 for providing Central Assistance to the States for accelerating the implementation of large irrigation and multi-purpose projects. The central assistance under this scheme is extended to selected irrigation projects in the country, with the objective to accelerate the implementation of those projects, which are beyond resource capability of the States or are in advanced stage of construction. The AIBP is being implemented under the overall charge of MoWR with CWC assisting the MoWR in various manners.
Since inception of AIBP in 1996-97, 13 number of Irrigation Projects have been reported as completed. The list of 13 completed projects is given below:

Alisagar LI Scheme Annamayya Gundlavagu
Guthpa LI Scheme Kanupur Canal (Deleted) Mudduvalasa
Nagarjuna Sagar Priyadarshini Jurala Somasila
Sriram Sagar Stage-I Swarnamukhi Vamsadhara Ph-I St-II

At present 20 projects are being monitored under AIBP. Out of these, 9 are major and 11 are medium irrigation projects. Again, out of these 20 projects, 5 major and 7 medium projects are covered under Prime Minister's Relief Package for helping farmers of distressed districts of Andhra Pradesh.
A total of 88 MI schemes received Central Assistance under AIBP. Director (M&A) is a member in Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) at State Level and also a member in State Level Monitoring cell under Minor Irrigation sector.

AIBP Project Map
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General Monitoring
A three-tier system of monitoring at Centre, State and Project level was introduced in 1975. The main objective of monitoring is to ensure the achievement of physical and financial targets for timely completion of projects, identification of the inputs required, analysis of the reasons for any shortfalls/bottlenecks and suggest remedial measures etc., with a view to complete them in a time bound manner and to achieve the targets of creation of irrigation potential. At Central level, this work was entrusted to CWC. As per the present arrangement, Inter-State, Externally Assisted and Centrally Sponsored projects are monitored by the Monitoring units at Headquarter and the other projects by varrious field units. All the projects identified for monitoring are visited by CWC officers atleast once a year. Thereafter, based on field visit and discussions with the State Government Officials, a detailed status report is prepared highlighting various constraints impeding construction and suggestions for remedial measures etc., for attention of the State Government to expedite progress for early completion of the projects. The overall co-ordination regarding monitoring of projects is done by the Project Monitoring Organisation, CWC.
Four (4) major projects and one(1) Medium Project of Andhra Pradesh are under General Monitoring.

Appraisal of Proposals for New Medium Irrigation Projects
Monitoring & Appraisal Dte., Hyderabad is involved in Appraisal of Medium Irrigation Projects of Andhra Pradesh.

Monitoring of CAD and Water Management
Government of India initiated a Centrally Sponsored Command Area Development Programme (CADP) in December 1974 to improve irrigation potential utilisation and optimise agricultural production from irrigated land through integrated and coordinated approach of efficient water management. In tune with objectives of the programme, a number of components such as construction of field channels and field drains, enforcement of warabandi, land levellling and shaping, realignment of field boundaries / consolidation of holdings, introduction of suitable cropping pattens, strengthening of extension services etc., were included in the programme. Subsequently, in view of emergent needs , a few more components like farmers' participation and reclamation of waterlogged areas were included in the programme w.e.f. 1.4.1996 to make the programme more beneficial to the farmers. The programme was restructured during X Plan (2004-07) and renamed as 'Command Area Development and Water Management Programme (CADWM Programme) to make it more comprehensive and beneficial to farmers.
The CAD works of 2 major projects (namely Sriramasagar Project Stage-I and Srisailam Right Branch Canal) of Andhra Pradesh are included under this programme. Quarterly physical and financial progress reports in respect of these two projects are being submitted to Ministry of Water Resources by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.

Monitoring of Centrally Sponsored Drainage Scheme
An amount of Rs. 95 lakh as Central Assistance was released during 2006-07 under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of "Improvement of drainage in critical areas of the country".

Monitoring of works of Repair, Renovation & Restoration of Water Bodies
Govenment of India sanctioned a pilot scheme viz., "National Project for Repair, Renovation & Restoration (RRR) of Water Bodies directly linked to Agriculture" in January, 2005. The objectives of the scheme were to restore and augment storage capacities of water bodies, and also to recover and extend their lost irrigation potential. The scheme of RRR of water bodies includes the comprehensive improvement of water bodies, catchment area treatment, command area development and capacity building of stakeholders, increased availablity of drinking water.
226 water bodies in Mahabubnagar district with an estimated cost of Rs. 32.84 cr and 52 water bodies in Ananthpur district with an estimated cost of Rs. 12.26 cr were approved under the scheme with the funding pattern of 75:25 (Centre:State). In Phase II of the scheme GoAP have proposed for financial assistance for 9177 water bodies in 20 districts which are estimated to cost Rs.1761 cr. and benefit an ayacut of 550. Th.Ha. Director (M&A), CWC, Hyderabad, is one of the members of the State Level Technical Advisory Committee.

Bharat Nirman Programme
Under Irrigation Component of Bharat Nirman, the target of creation of additional irrigation potential of 1 crore hectare in 4 years (2005-06 to 2008-09) is planned to be met largely through expeditious completion of identified ongoing Major and Medium Irrigation Projects, ERM Projects, CAD & WM Projects, Ground Water Development, Minor Irrigation Schemes, Repair, Renovation & Restoration of Water Bodies.
Under this Programme, half-yearly physical progress and quarterly financial progress on expenditure of major, medium and minor progrects is being furnished by the Andhra Pradesh State Government to Ministry of Water Resources.

Farmers Participatory Action Research Programme (FPARP)
Ministry of Water Resources recommended to initiate 5,000 Farmers Participatory Action Research Programme (FPARP) through out the country with the help of Agricultural Universities / Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Institutes / Engineering Colleges / Water And Land Management Institutes (WALMIs), etc., for demonstrating the technologies available on shelf to the farmers for increasing the productivity and profitability of agriculture through generating synergy among water, crop, agronomic practices, soil nutrients, crop variety and implements etc. Accordingly, the MoWR has approved 5,000 FPARPs in the year 2007-08 for implementation with the help of 60 institutes in 25 States / UTs at the cost of Rs.24.46 cr. The performance of the programmes is being monitored by the field formations of CWC.
Water Technology Centre (WTC), College of Agriculture, Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University (ANGRAU), Hyderabad, Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA), Santoshnagar, Hyderabad and Central Soil & Water Conservation Research & Training Institute (CSWCRTI), Research Centre, Bellary are the three (3) institutes entrusted with FPARP under Phase I. Indian Council for Agriculture Research (ICAR), Goa and Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA), Santoshnagar, Hyderabad are two institutes entrusted with FPARP under Phase-II and M&A Dte, CWc, Hyderabad has to monitor this activity.

Dam Safety Committee
CWC, New Delhi has nominated the Director (M&A), Hyderabad as Member of the State Dam Safety Committee of Andhra Pradesh during August 2005. Director (M&A) participates in the meetings as and when conducted by Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Flood Management Programme (FMP)
MoWR, GoI is implementing a state sector scheme, namely, Flood Management Programme for flood control and river management Works in the entire Country. Under this scheme, the proposals of River Management, Flood Control, anti Erosion Works, Drainage Development, Flood Proofing, Flood prone Area Development Programme, Restoration of Damage Flood Management Works etc. received from the State Governments or rthe Central Organizations in exceptional cases, which have secured all mandatory appraisals and clearances would be considered for central assisstance. The proposals submitted by State Governments will be examined and select the schemes depending upon critical/emergent situation and the availability of annual budget/plan outlay to ensure cost effective solutions.
This Directorate has been entrusted with the implementation of schemes in Andhra Pradesh in the State Sector Scheme of MOWR for XI Plan namely "Flood Management Programme".No Scheme has been received from GoAP till date.

Assessment of IP created under AIBP Projects by NRSC
"Assessment of irrigation potential created under AIBP funded by irrigation projects using Carto Sat-I Satellite Data" has been awarded to National Remote Sensing Centre by Ministry of Water Resources.
In Phase-I, out of selected 53 projects, 6 projects have been selected for monitoring during 2007-08 from Andhra Pradesh viz., (i) Nagarjunasagar, (ii) Priyadarshini Jurala, (iii) Sriramasagar Stage-I, (iv) Sriramasagar Stage-II, (v) Gundlakamma and (vi) Somasila. Except Somasila, the assessment reports of all other 5 projects were received in M&A Dte and comments / views were sent to Govt. of Andhra Pradesh (for necessary action) and CWC(HQ), New Delhi as well as MOWR.
In Phase-II, seven projects viz., (i) Cheyyeru (Annamaya), (ii) Madduvalasa, (iii) Vamsadhara Phase-I, (iv) Veligallu, (v) Alisagar LIS, (vi) Guthpa LIS and (vii) Swarnamukhi Barrage have been selected for monitoring during 2009 from Andhra Pradesh.

Monitoring of Artificial Recharge Projects
Director (M&A), CWC, Hyderabad is responsible for jointly monitoring the projects under Central Sector Scheme "Ground Water Management and Regulation" and submitting the regular returns to Ministry of Water Resources.

Various projects under different schemes mentioned have been monitored under this directorate.

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