भारत सरकार, केन्द्रीय जल आयोग Government of India, Central Water Commission
कृष्णा एवं गोदावरी बेसिन संगठन, हैदराबाद Krishna & Godavari Basin Organisation,Hyderabad


24x7 Control Room

The Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) is the nodal Ministry for disaster response management in case of natural and man-made disasters.

Integrated Operation Centre (IOC) has been set up in the Ministry of Home Affairs to handle disaster situations on a 24x7 basis. IOC is responsible for initiating incident alert messages using telephone, SMS, e-fax and e-mail messaging services to apprise senior level officers in the Government when a disaster is likely to occur or is imminent or when it has actually taken place.

To issue alerts related to the Floods, Central Water Commission has SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) which works on a 24x7 basis to issue alerts and electronic messaging in the event of a flood disaster situation.

The level forecasts and inflow forecasts are sent to CWC(HQ) which issues level forecasts for 145 sites and inflow forecasts of 28 dam barrage sites located on main rivers.

The Krishna & Godavari Basin Stations for which SOP is adopted are:

Krishna Basin Stations
Godavari Basin Stations

Telemetry Works of KGBO

Memorandum for Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC) on Establishment and Modernisation of Flood Forecasting Network in India including inflow forecast for X plan (2002-2007) was approved by MoWR. This scheme includes upgradation of data collection network by using hydro-metrological sensors and transmission of real time data using Satellite Telemetry to the existing Digital Direct Readout Ground Station at Burla and Jaipur. From DDRGS the data will be transmitted to various modelling centres located in six river basins through VSAT communication.

All the 104 Telemetry Stations under Krishna & Godavari Basin have been installed.

The telemetry stations transmit hourly water level and rainfall data every fifteen minutes. Real time data from telemetry is also additionally being used for flood forecasting purpose. Three modelling centres, one at Kurnool and two at Hyderabad are also functioning in Krishna & Godavari Basin Organisation.

The work of establishing Telemetry System at 168 Stations in six river basins has been awarded to M/s Sutron Corporation, USA on 06/12/2005 for Rs 20,95,86,961 including annual maintenance charge of Rs 3,77,59,424 for 4 years after warranty period of two years. However, payment for the entire system is being done from Upper Godavari Division.

A Committee has been constituted for implementation of the Telemetry System. The Chief Engineer, KGBO, CWC, Hyderabad is the Chairman, the Superintending Engineer, Godavari Circle is the Member Secretary and the Director, FFM, CWC, New Delhi is the Member of the Implementation Committee.

Last Updated 04.01.2013